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Sekolah Islamic Village

NPSN : 20613947

Jl. Islamic Raya Kel. Kelapa Dua, Kec. Kelapa Dua, Kab. Tangerang - BANTEN


TLP : 0215470787 / 0877718


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Greeting from TD-PG-TK Plus Islamic Village. Your Child is taking her/his step formal education process that will promote a desire for long-life learning with emotional spiritual intelligence and character development. Our School implement active learning method throuh IB (International Baccalaureate) frame work and National Curiculum, in which students are encourage to be inquring,  knowledgeable and caring to create a better more peacefull world.

Each child will feel empowered and learn how great it feels to do things on their own! the teacher is here to nurture, support and guide them each and every day and are committed to making your child’s experience productive, stimulating and fun! We are honored that you have chosen our school and we are confident that this will be a wonderful year for everyone involved!

A triangular partnership between child, parents and school is really important in implementing a strong foundation and love for learning. We look forward to working with you to give your child a fulfilling learning experience.

We would also like to say thank you very much to all  parents, who have given us trust to build our son and daughter together to be a young creative and akhlakul kharimah. May the blessing of Allah S.W.T always be in our students in pursuing their dreams to become success in life and hereafter.



Neny Rahmawati, S. Pd.